- Comfy Snug Fit Ultra XL

Comfy Snug Fit is a premium quality Sanitary Napkin from the house of Amrutanjan. With 80% better absorption than the leading Sanitary Napkin brand, it is all set to storm the market of India.

- Comfy Features

Anti-Leak System:

Comfy's anti-leak channels in the sides restrict the flow to the center of the pad thereby preventing side leakages.

Super Gel Lock:

Super gel lock with gel barrier technology locks in fluid for 12 hours gives you a leak lock protection all day.

Odour lock

The odour lock napkin doesn’t leak the menstrual smell giving a feel of freshness throughout.

Dry for longer:

Dry topsheet for clean and dry feel for longer. At the same time the top sheet is very soft and gentle to your skin.

Quick Suction Funnels:

The funneling action ensures rapid absorption of the fluid and locks it in, thereby preventing rewet at the surface.

2mm Thin pads

The 2 mm ultra thin pads will give you a no napkin feel throughout the day.

Longer Napkins:

Comfy napkins are longer (285 mm) which ensure no back leakages. So you can enjoy your day with zero worries.