- Comfy Snug Fit Regular

Comfy Snug Fit is a premium quality Sanitary Napkin from the house of Amrutanjan. With 80% better absorption than the leading Sanitary Napkin brand, it is all set to storm the market of India.

- Comfy Features

80% better Absorption than the leading Brands:

Comfy Snug Fit was compared to the world's leading brand in our lab test and the results showed that Comfy absorbs 80% more fluid than the other leading brands.

100% imported Pulp from North America:

The absorbent material for Comfy is imported from North America which is very high quality cellulose and is very safe for women's health.

20% Extra absorbent Material:

We have increased the amount of pulp in the napkins, to absorb more fluid on your heavy flow days. So you don't need to worry about changing the napkin frequently.

Longer Napkins:

Comfy napkins are longer (230mm) which ensure no back leakages. So you can enjoy your day with zero worries.

Anti-Leak System:

Comfy's anti-leak channels in the sides restrict the flow to the center of the pad thereby preventing side leakages.

Dry for longer:

Dry topsheet for clean and dry feel for longer. At the same time the top sheet is very soft and gentle to your skin.

Bigger Wings:

Comfy comes with bigger wings which ensures that the napkin sticks to your panty firmly and doesn't slide. This in turn prevents any side leakages and discomfort.

Quick Suction Funnels:

The funneling action ensures rapid absorption of the fluid and locks it in, thereby preventing rewet at the surface.