- Comfy Snug Fit Extra Long

Comfy Snug Fit is a premium quality Sanitary Napkin from the house of Amrutanjan. With 80% better absorption than the leading Sanitary Napkin brand, it is all set to storm the market of India.

- Comfy Features

80% better Absorption than the leading Brands:

Comfy Snug Fit was compared to the world's leading brand in our lab test and the results showed that Comfy absorbs 80% more fluid than the other leading brands.

100% imported Pulp from North America:

The absorbent material for Comfy is imported from North America which is very high quality cellulose and is very safe for women's health.

20% Extra absorbent Material:

We have increased the amount of pulp in the napkins, to absorb more fluid on your heavy flow days. So you don't need to worry about changing the napkin frequently.

Anti-Leak System:

Comfy's anti-leak channels in the sides restrict the flow to the center of the pad thereby preventing side leakages.

Dry for longer:

Dry topsheet for clean and dry feel for longer. At the same time the top sheet is very soft and gentle to your skin.

Bigger Wings:

Comfy comes with bigger wings which ensures that the napkin sticks to your panty firmly and doesn't slide. This in turn prevents any side leakages and discomfort.

Quick Suction Funnels:

The funneling action ensures rapid absorption of the fluid and locks it in, thereby preventing rewet at the surface.

Extra long pads:

Extra long pads is 50mm longer than the regular napkins ensures extra protection on your worrying days.