Who Are We?

Started in the year 1893 by the social reformer, journalist and freedom fighter, Desodharaka" Sri.Nageswara Rao Pantulu Garu, today Amrutanjan is one of the household names in India.

The 124-year-old Amrutanjan brand has been repositioned with 'Pure Healthy Essence' as its corporate promise to consumers. This magnifies Amrutanjan's inherent association with naturalness, science and trust.

Amrutanjan is now taking action to focus on the well being of women with regards to sanitary protection through better hygiene. Comfy Snug Fit is a superior product than that of the leading brand in its category. The napkins have been designed based on our research findings that caters to all menstruation related problems, right from giving better absorbency to securing leakage protection while not compromising on comfort.

The concept "Power to be you" has been developed in line with the aspirations of modern girl who wants to remain focused and achieve bigger things in life.

Brand Values

Consumer: Pressure of life is giving women emotional and physical stress on periods. Comfy Snug Fit's 80% better absorption ensures emotional and physical comfort. Comfy Snug Fit gives you the power to be you.

Comfy Snug Fit sanitary napkin is 80% more absorbent. The napkins are long and supported by an antileak system to provide maximum protection, while bigger wings prevent any leakage. Amrutanjan Comfy Snug Fit features 100% imported pulp from North America, making it a softer and safer product for women to use.

Today's women live a high-pressured, fast-paced life. Her demanding lifestyle involves constantly balancing work and home life, often leaving her feeling very stressed out. The brand essence of Comfy Snug Fit is to stress on the importance of "POWER TO BE YOU" so that they work and live more comfortably than before. And it does so with a host of features that reassures women of better protection and no leakage.